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Ashleigh's XOXO Album CoverXOXO is Ashleigh’s debut album where she showcases her talents as a vocalist and songwriter with lyrics that remarkably capture the essence of life’s ups and downs. She draws from many of her life experiences growing up the child of an NFL star, which taught her toughness, resilience and how to make the best of every situation.  Ashleigh has been called a “stunning vocal powerhouse” whose messages blanket listeners with positivity and inspire all to reflect on the many facets of the human experience. From the sexy and assertive “So Emotional” and uplifting “I Got U” to the fun and upbeat dance tune “Live It Up”, her songs are sure to resonate with every emotion in your being.  Her music is full of soulful R&B tones as well as up-beat pop sounds.

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Xoxo by Ashleigh

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