Loving and Losing (In Memory of Ahma)

Album: XOXO | Release Date: 10/01/2014


I wrote this song about the passing of my Grandma, who my family called Ahma. Ahma had such a huge influence on my life, and taught me so many life lessons that I still hold with me today. She strongly valued education, and was always there to cheer on all of us (her grandchildren) as we progressed in school. She was also a phenomenal cook, and I will never forget her delicious gumbo – nor will I forget the hilarious stories she would share with us over dinner. She always brought so much laughter and joy wherever she went. She was a vivacious woman who was simply fun to be around. When she passed away, I was very sad, but I found some comfort in remembering all the fun times we had with her and by applying the knowledge and wisdom that she shared with me to my life. I wrote this song to remind people that: just because someone is gone does not mean that all is lost. They will forever hold their special place in your heart, and the memories shared with that person will last a lifetime.

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