Tell 'Em (Clean)

Album: XOXO | Release Date: 10/01/2014


This song is a song about hustling, trying to reach your goals, and not letting anything stop you. I co-wrote this song with Haleigh Nickerson as a song that will pump people up, and get them fired up to reach whatever goal they are striving to reach. This song also re-defines what it means to be a “hustla”. It extends the term “hustla” to include people who are applying that same work ethic toward their dreams, and who are taking strides toward achieving those dreams-whatever they may be. This song embodies the hustla’s mentality, but uses it to apply to all people who are working hard and trying to earn a livelihood to support themselves. It’s also about not caring what negative people have to say, and telling all the nay-sayers and haters to move out of your way! This song represents a sassy and ambitious attitude that shines through the lyrics.

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